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Create your own account to access our exclusive Sudoku generators and solvers! Simply sign up to a full account for complete access to Sudoku Syndication.

Full access to the Killer*, Samurai and Super Sudoku solvers and the freedom to generate all ratings and symmetries of Sudoku, Killer Sudoku*, Samurai Sudoku and Super Sudoku puzzles plus exclusive printable puzzle books. All this for one year for just £4.95 (€5.95, $7.10).
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Quality Sudoku

All the Sudoku, Super Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku generated at sudokusyndication.com have one unique solution and always solvable by logic. All generated puzzles are rated very accurately using real solving techniques. All Sudoku that you generate here are completely exclusive to you.

Feature comparison

See the features of the two Sudoku Syndication accounts side-by-side:

Features Free account Full account
Sudoku generating: 5 daily 15 daily
Sudoku solving: 5 daily 45 daily
Killer Sudoku generating:* none 5 daily
Killer Sudoku solving:* none 15 daily
Super Sudoku generating: 1 daily 6 daily (1 very hard)
Super Sudoku solving: none 15 daily
Samurai generating: none 5 daily (1 very hard)
Samurai solving: none 15 daily
Godoku solving: 5 daily 45 daily
Sudoku ratings: very hard not available all difficulties
Super Sudoku ratings: very easy and easy only all difficulties
Samurai/Killer* ratings: none all difficulties
Sudoku printing: unrestricted unrestricted
Sudoku to email: limited to 5 per day unrestricted
Sudoku import/export: none unrestricted
Popular solved puzzles: none unrestricted
Daily Sudoku: 7 day history 1 month history
Symmetry selection: random full control over symmetry
Members' puzzle book: none 500 exclusive puzzles
Newsletter subscription: optional optional
Syndication: on request on request
Price: FREE - Sign up! £4.95 (€5.95, $7.10) - Sign up!

*Please note that the Killer Sudoku generator and solver may be unavailable due to the Flash browser support end-of-life issue. We are currently developing a replacement which does not use Flash. We will be announcing the launch of this in our newsletter, so if you are subscribed to our newsletters you will know as soon as it goes live.

Upgrade your Sudoku addiction

If you cannot make a decision now, you can upgrade from your Sudoku Syndication account at any time. Once you see how interesting and addictive our Sudoku puzzles are, you will certainly want to play with more!