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The Times Su Doku 7

Author: sudokusolver.com

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Sudoku:   150 Sudoku puzzles
Associated: The Times
ISBN:   0007250401
Publisher:   Times Books
Published:   2nd April 2007


To feed your addiction further, here is the seventh installment of "The Times'" Su Doku puzzles. With the massive appetite for Su Doku puzzles seemingly insatiable, The Times brings you another offering to satisfy those cravings. With enough puzzles to satisfy even the most avid Su Doku addict, "The Times Su Doku Book 7" contains 150 mind-bending variations of the devilish number grid, including: 25 Mild puzzles 50 Difficult puzzles 50 Fiendish puzzles 25 Super fiendish With their new puzzle suppliers, market-leaders The Times continue to offer the best Su Doku puzzles. Four levels of difficulty put your logic to the ultimate test.

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