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The Times Su Doku 6

Author: sudokusolver.com

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Sudoku:   150 Sudoku puzzles
Associated: The Times
ISBN:   0007247532
Publisher:   Times Books
Published:   2nd October 2006


To feed the nation's addiction further, here is the sixth installment of "The Times'" Su Doku puzzles.

Now, with even more puzzles for the hardened Su Doku addict, "The Times Su Doku Book 6" contains 150 puzzles, ranging from mercifully Mild to the uber challenging Super fiendish.

It has 40 Mild puzzles, 50 Difficult puzzles, 50 Fiendish puzzles, and 10 Super fiendish puzzles.

With brand new puzzle suppliers [us], market-leader, "The Times" offers a whole new collection of numerical conundrums for your brain to wrangle with.

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