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Sudoku Books

The Original Sudoku Calendar 2006

Author: Nikoli

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Sudoku:   365 Sudoku puzzles
Associated: Nikoli
ISBN:   0761142797
Publisher:   Workman Publishing Company
Published:   1st October 2005


Match wits with the experts who created Sudoku. Arranged from “Easy” to “Very Difficult,” here are 365 compulsive logic puzzles that celebrate the joy of Sudoku with symmetry, smartness, and elegance—qualities lacking in computer-generated puzzles. It’s fiendish, when you think about it: every puzzle designed by an author who anticipates your next step and obscures the path, while never leading you into frustration. Prepare to be obsessed. •365 authentic Sudoko puzzles, from “Easy” to “ Very Difficult” •All hand-crafted puzzles, not computer generated •Created by Nikoli, the Japanese originator of Sudoku

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